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08/29/2015Posted By Holly0 Comment(s)
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THE PERFORMER | Frank Dillane

THE SHOWFear the Walking Dead

THE EPISODE | “Pilot” (Aug. 23)

THE PERFORMANCE | We’d only watched the first few minutes of The Walking Dead spinoff — the artful opening vignette in which Frank Dillane took junkie Nick Clark from drug-addled confusion to abject terror — before we knew: A star had been born.

The English actor was so in the moment, so vulnerable and palpably afraid, that we couldn’t help but be drawn in. It was as if, like his character, we were seeing a zombie for the very first time. (And, considering how many walkers we’ve seen by now, that’s no mean feat!)

Better yet, Dillane spent the rest of the premiere proving that our initial assessment of him was 100 percent on the money. (We do love being right.) Not only did the 24-year-old Harry Potter grad capture the pathos of addiction, he also let us glimpse the self-aware imp that Nick would be if he could just get — and stay — clean.

Dillane’s most impressive accomplishment, in our estimation, was making us believe that there was something that scared Nick even more than his flesh-eating girlfriend — the prospect of being crazy. However, any way you slice it, the guy killed and, in the process, brought Fear the Walking Dead to life.


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