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Behind the scenes photos as well as episode stills from Season 1 of FTWD have been added to the image gallery.

0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0003.jpg

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AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is heading out to sea.

The prequel series will kick off its second half with a mild time jump after the horrific events of season one that saw the show’s central blended family handle the death of one of their own. They’re now partnered with the mysterious Strand (new series regular Colman Domingo) who is leading Travis (Cliff Curtis), Madison (Kim Dickens) and their brood to his extravagant yacht as L.A. burns.

What’s the theme of season two?

Quality of displacement. We’ve got a group of people who have been removed from their homes and there’s a great sense of mourning and grieving. They’ve all lost loved ones over the course of season one and are in a fragile place. On top of that, they had to abandon Los Angeles. They drive through their city and it’s been destroyed at the end of season one. One of the big questions thematically is: what is family now? Is it blood or is it bond? We’re going to have a group of people, some of whom don’t know each other very well — Strand is still an enigma who may or may not have his own agenda and intentions when they get onto the boat. … It provides for this interesting balance of paranoia and anxiety, which is not dissimilar from last season but we’re now on a boat in the middle of the ocean and that’s going to give us a lot of drama for first few episodes.

The other big question for the first half of the season is where do we go? There’s a difference between being land-bound and going from town to town and being stuck. The great thing about this boat is we have a wide range of places we could go and a lot of this will feed into the agendas our characters and the things they’re keeping to themselves. It will drive a lot of the tension for the first half of the season.

Finally, it is about finding hope. It’s about having gone through all these loses — where do we go? Where can we start over? And can we start over? We talked a lot last season about the overlap between our story and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln in the flagship) coma. If you count the days in season one, Rick hasn’t woken up yet going into season two. We’ve completed part of our apocalyptic education and we now know the dead are dead. Even Travis has to come to terms with that. But they don’t know how bad it is elsewhere; they’ve heard snippets. Part of what they’re doing is trying to find what save harbor might be out there.

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AMC is taking a familiar divide-and-conquer approach with Fear the Walking Dead.

Mirroring the strategy the cable net has long employed with Walking Dead: Original Flavor, AMC announced Friday that Fear the Walking Dead‘s second season will be split into two parts, with the first half launching Sunday, April 10 (9/8c) and the second half airing “later in 2016.”


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I have finished adding captures of Frank from the the last 5 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead to the gallery.

0019.jpg 0025.jpg 0006.jpg 0091.jpg

Gallery Link:

  • Television Productions > 2015: Fear The Walking Dead > Season 1 > Episode Captures

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THE PERFORMER | Frank Dillane

THE SHOWFear the Walking Dead

THE EPISODE | “Pilot” (Aug. 23)

THE PERFORMANCE | We’d only watched the first few minutes of The Walking Dead spinoff — the artful opening vignette in which Frank Dillane took junkie Nick Clark from drug-addled confusion to abject terror — before we knew: A star had been born.

The English actor was so in the moment, so vulnerable and palpably afraid, that we couldn’t help but be drawn in. It was as if, like his character, we were seeing a zombie for the very first time. (And, considering how many walkers we’ve seen by now, that’s no mean feat!)

Better yet, Dillane spent the rest of the premiere proving that our initial assessment of him was 100 percent on the money. (We do love being right.) Not only did the 24-year-old Harry Potter grad capture the pathos of addiction, he also let us glimpse the self-aware imp that Nick would be if he could just get — and stay — clean.

Dillane’s most impressive accomplishment, in our estimation, was making us believe that there was something that scared Nick even more than his flesh-eating girlfriend — the prospect of being crazy. However, any way you slice it, the guy killed and, in the process, brought Fear the Walking Dead to life.


08/28/2015Posted By Holly0 Comment(s)

Frank Dillane (Nick)

Most valuable skill set: The ability to get what he wants. He’s got a good ability to do that. He’s streetwise. I often don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not. He seems to make up his own moral compass. He doesn’t adhere to these social conditions that everyone else does. Homeless people have a different way of seeing the world, and Nick does too. The extent of his resilience surprises me.

Survival odds: If you’re a drug addict, you have one problem: When do I get my fix? When you get your fix, the whole world is beautiful. When you don’t, the whole world is shit. So that single-mindedness is perfect. It’s only life or death. I can’t stay like that forever because it’s too difficult. I think we’ll probably see him overcome that.


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I have added over 400 HD captures of Frank Dillane from the premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead to the gallery.

 0119.jpg 0480.jpg 0003.jpg 0450.jpg

Gallery Link:

Television Productions > 2015: Fear The Walking Dead > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.01 Pilot